313: Warning

[T/N: I messed up (again) and translated chapter 310 as if Gu Li was adopted from outside, but he was actually adopted by Gu Tianming from the eldest sister of the fourth branch (his older sister) because his wife wasn’t able to have sons. I fixed the other related mistakes as well.]

People came and went into the dorm room, until finally, only Gu Li’s two roommates who had the best relationship with him, were left behind. As they discussed Gu Li and Wang Ziyu, they asked for more details of what Gu Li did last night, like how his fight with gangsters went. Their chat was lively, until after a while, a boy suddenly appeared at the door.

"Gu Li, my roommate called just now and told me that he saw Wang Ziyu's second brother coming here, and he seemed a little aggressive. I don't know if he’s here for you." The dormitory suddenly became quiet.

“Are you sure you’re not mistaken, is it really school flower Wang’s second brother? How does that bigshot still have time to come to Beijing University? And he even picked such a time as this." Gu Li's roommate Zhao Xinyou said, amazed.

"Stupid, he must have heard about school flower Wang and Gu Li. He is most likely coming to Gu Li to settle accounts." Sun Jiangning rolled his eyes. There was no need to try and speculate about things that were obvious.

Zhao Xinyou jumped up and shouted: "Settle accounts? Gu Li didn't do anything to school flower Wang that needs to be forgiven. Why should he ask Gu Li to settle accounts? Speaking of which, Gu Li was injured in order to save Wang Xiaohua. He should be thanking Gu Li instead."

"If you want to know why, wait for him to arrive and then you’ll know." Sun Jiangning felt that things were not as simple as he thought.

"Jiangning is right, maybe the other party just misunderstands. Ziyu's second brother should not be that kind of person." Gu Li said with a smile. Neither of them noticed the trap in his words, giving the two a hint in advance. Now, as long as Wang Cheng did threaten Gu Li, the two of them would definitely jump out to help him without saying a word.

Wang Cheng caught a boy downstairs to ask where Gu Li's dorm was, then went up to find him. Originally, not many people knew he was coming, but Zhao Xinyou publicized it on his floor. So, by the time Wang Cheng came up, many people knew. There were people who seemed to be ready to watch a good show, with their mobile phones ready.

Chu Yifeng grabbed Wang Cheng, "Wait a minute. You should calm down before you confront Gu Li, he should already know that you’re coming to see him."

Wang Cheng raised his eyebrows, looked up, and noticed that some people were frequently glancing at him. He thought of Gu Li’s cleverness and sneered, nodding, "I know, I won't let him take the opportunity to establish a good image for himself."

Chu Yifeng let go of his hand. Wang Cheng had a way with words, and was often able to speak until the other side became dumb (though it sometimes depended on the situation).

After a while, Wang Cheng stood at the door of Gu Li's dorm room. The figure standing in Wang Cheng’s shadow seemed to carry himself like a devoted husband. The three people in the room were shocked in an instant. At a glance, Wang Cheng saw Gu Li sitting on a chair, with one hand wrapped up in bandages. Wang Cheng raised the corner of his mouth slightly.

"Are you Gu Li?"

Gu Li's expression froze. Wang Cheng's gaze made him feel like he was being seen through. He was so much calmer than he imagined he would be. Shouldn't he be angry and warn him not to approach Wang Ziyu as soon as he saw him? He knew from the beginning that his tricks could deceive Wang Ziyu, but he could definitely not fool Wang Ziyu’s two older brothers. He wasn’t even planning on fooling them. As long as Wang Ziyu had him in his heart, his goal would be achieved.

Although he failed to gauge Wang Cheng's reaction, Gu Li remained calm. He immediately put a smile on his face and stood up to approach Wang Cheng.

"You're Ziyu's second brother, right? I've heard of you, you’ve come up many times in the newspapers. I never thought I would be able to talk to you face-to-face like this. It's inconvenient to stand outside and talk, why don’t you come in?" Gu Li turned his body aside and invited him into the dormitory.

Wang Cheng curled his lips: "No need, let’s just talk like this. If you are tired, you can sit down, but I just want to say a few words. I heard that you asked my sister out last night, and on your way back, you met some thugs, right? I have to thank you, if it weren't for you, my sister would be the one who got hurt."

"Anytime, it’s what I should do." The corners of Gu Li’s eyes twitched imperceptibly.

"That's right, if you hadn't invited her out, all those things wouldn't have happened, and you wouldn't have been seen by chance when you went to the hotel. However, it's a fact that you saved her, so I still want to say thank you for saving my sister," Wang Cheng said.

Both Zhao Xinyou and Sun Jiangning felt that the atmosphere was very wrong. Wang Cheng's attitude was good but also not good. Although he said he was grateful for Gu Li, he blamed Gu Li for inviting his sister out in between the lines. However, he wasn’t really wrong, and it was normal for a brother to think like this, so the two really didn’t know how to defend against him.

Gu Li apparently realized this as well. It seemed that only he could save himself. So, he couldn't help but reveal a forceful smile, "You don't have to thank me. As you said, this matter was my fault, and it had nothing to do with Ziyu. Please don't blame Ziyu, it was me who wasn’t thinking carefully." Onlookers usually stood on the side of the disadvantaged, and his behavior right now made Wang Cheng seem overly aggressive towards him.

Wang Cheng nodded and said, "I won't mention this again, let's just leave it at that. I actually came to you for something else."

"What is it?" Gu Li asked.

"I hope you will keep your distance from my sister in the future, do not approach her again." Wang Cheng smiled slightly. Just as Gu Li was about to speak, he immediately added, "Don't rush to explain yourself, I haven't finished saying what I wanted to say. There was a report in the newspaper some time ago about the Gu family, I believe everyone here has read it. My eldest brother is now the legitimate heir of the Gu family. You, Gu Li, are also in the Gu family. However, I heard that before my eldest brother appeared, you and that man named Gu Ping were said to be the most promising juniors to inherit the Gu Group."

"I think you are mistaken. I have no ulterior motives in treating Ziyu well, it has nothing to do with the Gu Group,” Gu Li immediately explained.

"I’m not done yet. And I didn't say that you had any ulterior motives, so don't be so quick to refute me." Wang Cheng looked at him with a half-smile, and continued: "Many people know about the Gu family's situation. If others see you walking with my sister, they will definitely wonder if you have a hidden reason for doing it. Most importantly, I don’t want my sister to get hurt. I have heard about your relationship with my sister during this period of time. I don’t know what you would assume if a boy treated a girl well, but the general public would definitely assume that the boy was interested in the girl, right? Don’t you agree?"

Wang Cheng's gaze fell on Zhao Xinyou.

Zhao Xinyou nodded reluctantly.

Wang Cheng said with a smile: "Look, Senior Gu's roommate thinks so too, it's not just me thinking too much. If Senior Gu just wanted to treat my sister well as a relative, he should have explained it from the beginning. My sister just recently recognized her ancestral home and spends most of her time at school. She simply didn’t know that Senior Gu was also a Gu family member. I don’t blame others for misunderstanding the situation when you suddenly treated her so well. Although you’ve confessed now, it’s hard to guarantee that no one will mistake you for having another purpose in treating my sister well in the future. So, I hope you will keep your distance from her from now on, and keep the peace for everyone."

"I don't agree." Gu Li said, with a bad expression.

"Your reason?"

Gu Li said: "Others will always say what they want to. If the thoughts of others stop us from meeting, then many other people in the world would also have to be separated. If a couple is not looked upon favorably, should they break up immediately? If we’re pointed at by others because of a misunderstanding, does that mean we can’t ever meet in the future?"

"Let me put it this way: I don't believe you can protect my sister." When Wang Cheng noticed how eloquent he was, he pointed out another problem.

"Are you still blaming me for taking her out yesterday? I think Ziyu should have already explained what happened last night, my friend..."

Wang Cheng interrupted him and said with a serious expression: "You are right, it's because of what happened last night. If I were you, I wouldn't have asked her to go out at night, I would’ve gone and gotten the information from my friend by myself and given it to Xiao Yu once I came back. Instead, you dragged her out to go with you at night, causing others to misunderstand your relationship. What purpose would this serve, other than to deepen other people's misunderstandings of you two? You are unqualified as an older cousin. "

When he heard this, Gu Li realized that he had missed this point. "I didn't think much about it at the time. I regard Ziyu as my sister; since I dared to take her out, how could I let her get hurt?"

"If you can't 100% guarantee my sister's personal safety, don't say such big words. You even encountered gangsters." Wang Cheng suddenly lowered his tone and added in a voice that only Gu Li could hear. "Actually, you should be thankful that my sister wasn’t injured, otherwise I wouldn't let you off so easily."

Gu Li's face paled.

"If Senior Gu really just wants to find a sister to hurt, you can find your own sister Wu Jia. Isn’t she also in her third year at Beijing University? I heard that she is even the flower of the Chinese department. If she learned that instead of her, the sister, you got closer with the cousin who had just recognized your family, who knew how sad she would be?”

“Gu Li, Wu Jia is your sister? How come I haven’t heard you mention this before?" Zhao Xinyou blurted.

There were very few people who knew that Gu Li was passed from his aunt to Gu Tianming when young. Gu Li didn’t want people to know that he was an outer grandson* of the Gu family, so he never mentioned it in public. Wu Jia never knew that she had a brother, only that her mother treated her cousin Gu Li very well. She always thought it was because her second uncle and her mother were brother and sister.

[T/N: *son of a female instead of male of the Gu family. That is why he’s not necessarily in line to inherit the Gu’s, because he is actually more of a heir to the Wu family]

After causing some trouble for Gu Li, Wang Cheng wanted to drop by and visit Zheng Jingxue. However, he heard that she went to another province to meet her mentor, so he left with Chu Yifeng.


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