243: Two-year-old is Not Too Young

It was already evening by the time they returned to the apartment. The two had already had dinner at the Chu house. Wang Cheng silently got into the bedroom and took a bath before getting into his pajamas. Chu Yifeng came up after him to take a shower.

"I took out your pajamas for you and put them on the bed."

Wang Cheng wiped his damp hair and walked in front of him. Chu Yifeng suddenly grabbed his hand, and the positions of the two instantly changed. Then he was overwhelmed on the bed, the weight on his body causing him to run out of breath.

"What are you doing? Don't even think about getting in bed without taking a bath, I have a newfound obsession with cleanliness."

Chu Yifeng laughed: "Did something happen in the hospital today?"

Wang Cheng's expression went slightly stiff, and he changed the subject: "What could happen? I also wanted to ask you, what did you mean by saying that to your grandma today? Did you really mean to promise them that you agree to have a child if my family agrees with us being together?"

He always felt the topic of having children was weird. He was a man, but others around him were still very calm when talking about him giving birth, as if he was a woman. He really didn’t want to take off his pants to prove that he was a man, that would be too weird.

"I just said we’d consider it, I didn't say that you have to give birth once we resolve your family. And what's wrong with having a child? I think you got along well with Kunkun today." Chu Yifeng fiddled with his wet hair, seeming to be a little unconcerned by his words.

Wang Cheng squinted, "How come you feel that I got along well with him? That kid really only cares about you, his uncle. The reason why he stuck to me was just because I told him that you would hold him, otherwise do you think he would really like me? He is so mischievous at too young an age; if all children are like him, I think my life might be very difficult."

"Two years old is not too young."


Wang Cheng pushed him hard, then turned over and sat on him. "Big brother, when I was two years old, I still fell when I walked. Could it be that you were able to walk like you were flying at two years old?"

Chu Yifeng really nodded.

Suddenly, Wang Cheng didn't want to discuss this topic with him. He attempted to climb down, but he was dragged back.

Chu Yifeng said: "You haven't answered my question yet."


How could he remember so clearly, Wang Cheng thought he had forgotten. "Remember when I told you earlier that I met Yuan Xia just when I was about to come back? He previously told me that he wanted to have a blood-related child between him and Jiang Xuan, and this visit to the hospital was related to that. So, I went with him - you called when I was about to leave."

"I want to hear what happened during the examination." Chu Yifeng was not so foolish. When the two met, Wang Cheng kept on peeking at him. If it wasn't for a matter hidden in his heart, why would he keep on looking at him? It must be something that happened during that time.

Wang Cheng didn't expect his feelings to be so sharp, so he said or not?

"If you don't tell me, I have no choice but to ask Yuan Xia, he should know something." Chu Yifeng used the killer technique.

Wang Cheng stepped on him and pretended to be angry, saying: "Don’t you know what it means to respect your partner? If your partner doesn't want to say it, you should be very considerate as a lover."

Chu Yifeng held his foot and scratched at its sole. "Don’t you know that if it is related to IVF, I, as your lover, also have the right to know?"

Wang Cheng felt ticklish and withdrew his foot. His words were already seen through and it was no fun to keep it a secret, so he told him everything Doctor Eric had said to him, without missing a word.

After listening, Chu Yifeng smiled and made an evaluation: "He has good eyesight. You really promised to let him help you if you want to do IVF in the future?"

"Yes, I have the right to make that decision, anyway." However, Wang Cheng had forgotten one thing: when there were so many promises made and so many problems that each needed to be dealt with, then it was not only his business.

Love was proud, and his career was also rising steadily*.

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Wang Cheng had been living very well the past few days. Yazhi had been investing for a while, but only now had he begun to collect funds, and some artists also gradually gained fame.

For example, Huang Yaqin. Huang Yaqin did not participate in Extreme Challenge, because such a reality show generally had fewer girls and the company finally decided to send Meng Chaofan. However, the company did not leave Huang Yaqin idle, instead finding an opportunity to let him go and sing in the last song of a movie. The movie was broadcast in theaters two days ago, and its box office income was very impressive - it was said that it surpassed 30 million on its first day. Huang Yaqin, the singer of the last song, became popular because of this.

There was also Tang Sai. He himself liked acting, and since he graduated from Peking Opera, he had a solid foundation. Pan Zhihai stuffed him as the second male lead into a TV series that was invested in and filmed by the Zhou Group. He had also asked someone to hype Tang Sai up, so now, he had grown a reputation. The TV series itself had a good script, and the crew also hyped the relationship between Tang Sai and the second female lead at their request. It was originally intended for it to be with the female lead, but the lead was already married. Generally speaking, the situation was good, so both Wang Cheng and Pan Zhihai could pay more attention to He Zihuan.

Yesterday, He Zihuan had gone abroad with the Fashion Pioneer team to shoot. Although the shooting location was not publicized, it was still very eye-catching. Therefore, on the first day, someone uploaded a vague photo saying that they suspected they had encountered a certain well-known magazine doing their shooting, but weren’t sure. Fashion Pioneer had many diehard fans, so as soon as the news came out, people immediately discussed it. Those who liked fashion discussed fashion, but even more people discussed which star would be on the front of the magazine this time. Someone cited a lot of foreign film and television superstars, but the blogger who took the photo quickly stood up and denied them, saying that she saw a black-haired Asian. She couldn’t see clearly because of how far she was, but he should be quite handsome. So, the direction of the wind changed again, and everyone guessed which Asian superstar it could be.

But soon, there was more bomb-like information. A person who claimed to be an insider broke the news that he knew who this Asian superstar was because he was his friend. All the stars on Weibo were verified, so everyone knew who this person was - he was an artist of Yaxing. This meant that his friend, the Asian superstar, was probably also a Yaxing artist. Yaxing was a leader in the entertainment industry and had a history of 30 to 40 years. Many stars have signed contracts with them over time. Of course, there were also many successfully famous celebrities. Almost half of the big brothers and sisters in the entertainment industry were contracted with Yaxing. Even though this was an era of rapid replacement, Yaxing's position in the entertainment industry was still unshakable, and it was still the leader of half of the big stars in China.

However, the most popular celebrities had passed away. It was definitely not possible for it to be those celebrities of the past, and it was not suitable for the older folks to model popular fashion. Therefore, the fresh superstar that could be selected by Fashion Pioneers must be young and attractive.

Yaxing’s two most popular male stars were Besze and Sun Chu. The latter was revealed to be filming in a certain crew, so it was unlikely that it would be him. So then it had to be Besze. According to the whistleblower, Dai Ping, the two had interacted on Weibo, so the possibility of it being Besze was 70%. However, what really convinced the media was the current state of Besze.

Besze was a well-deserving Asian superstar who had won numerous awards, but he was currently limited to the Asian entertainment circle and it was impossible for him to go further. Therefore, he could only develop abroad - and Fashion Pioneer was the best platform for this. After this analysis, the media decided that it must be Besze.

Although everyone said it was Besze, he himself did not come forward to confirm this statement. Even @Dai Ping did not reply. Fans thought that the idol could not say anything before official news came out, but only Dai Ping found something wrong.

It wasn’t until the third day that the official website of Fashion Pioneer suddenly announced a new message.

The news was to thank fans for their support, and to say that Fashion Pioneer would live up to everyone’s expectations as in the past. When concluding, they mentioned the information of the protagonist of the issue of the magazine. Although the name of the other party was not mentioned, it was implicitly pointed out that it was their first time working with the other party and that they were a very talented newcomer. They were very satisfied and the magazine’s reveal wouldn’t disappoint anyone.

After the news came out, Besze's fans were boiling.

Wasn’t it supposed to be an idol? How did it become a newcomer?

Immediately afterwards, someone broke the news that the newcomer who replaced Besze was a Yazhi artist. An artist who was not well-known even broke big news, implying that Yazhi squeezed Besze out using improper means.

The news about Yazhi had just cooled down a while ago, when now, a similar incident has broken out. In just one day, Yazhi had been pushed to the forefront. However, some people still didn’t believe it. After all, the previous Extreme Challenge incident was caused by the sponsors and the Zhou Group. There was nothing wrong with the other party pleasing the Zhou Group in order to please the Zhou Group. However, this time, Fashion Pioneer had nothing to do with the Zhou Group, and Fashion Pioneer was also a well-known foreign magazine. No matter how influential the Zhou Group was, it was also China-based. Was it possible for them to influence Fashion Pioneer?

Just when everyone was speculating and stirring up the incident, a rich second-generation suddenly posted a few photos on his Weibo. The protagonist of the photos was Wang Cheng. It was the photos taken by Master Paul, with his logo in the lower right corner of the photo. The rich second generation said that this was a limited edition private photoshoot that was not for sale. As we all know, the chairman behind Fashion Pioneer was Master Paul. Now there was no need to guess randomly, they had a rough estimation of how a Yazhi artist could be on the cover of Fashion Pioneer.  

Before Wang Cheng learned of the news, he received a call from his grandfather asking him to return to the Zhou house.

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